Welcome to the Nat Geo Music Mixer! It's all about making and performing your own tunes, and our unique Mixing Studio guarantees that you'll always sound good.

Once you've got a great mix, you'll use it to put on a concert in the Concert Hall. And you can share your concerts with the community to gain fame and fortune – You might even become a star!

Check out other players' mixes and concerts in the Community area.

Once you become a member, you'll be able to do all sorts of new things - Create and edit your band in the Mixing Studio; Save your mixes and concerts in My Zone; and buy new stuff in the Market. We'll even give you 2,000 credits to get you started. Register today to access all the good stuff!

And if you invite your friends, you'll get 50 Fame Points to help you climb the charts for every one who registers.

The Studio

How to mix a song

Use the blue button on the upper left of the console to pick a musical style. Once you've made your choice, your band members will automatically have the instruments they need to play the song.

Hint: You can use the 2,000 points you got for registering to purchase new sets of loops in different musical styles.

Selecting and controlling loops

There are four sliders which control the volume of the individual instruments. Each has a button at the bottom that tells you the instrument it controls. When you mouse-over one of these buttons, a pop-up displays all the loops available for that instrument. Clicking on one plays that loop. Select a loop for each instrument and suddenly you've got a song playing! You can switch from one loop to another at any time. The round buttons at the top of the sliders can be used to mute and unmute individual tracks.

Recording your mix

When you're ready to record a mix for the ages, hit the Record button. You have two minutes to mix your heart out, or you can stop recording at any time. When you're happy with your mix, hit the Save button. Once your mix is saved, you can use it to make a concert and publish it for the rest of the community to see.

Hint: While recording, use the "Pause" button and make several changes at once, then un-pause to continue recording!

Changing the look of your band

You can customize both your band members and their instruments. Click on a musician's name or their instrument and select Edit to change the musician's appearance, name and outfit or the look of their instrument. By clicking on the color swatch icon, you can recolor items for free, but a truly new looks requires a visit to the Market.

Locking the look of your performance

You can also "lock" a mix. This means that the current appearance of your band will be saved with your mix. Otherwise when you make changes to your band in the future, those changes will also be seen in your previous mixes.

The Concert

Setting up your Stage

Setting up your stage is pretty easy; If you roll over an item and it highlights it can be changed! Just click on a part of the stage you want to change and select Edit from the popup menu. You can recolor some of the concert objects, such as the curtains, for free, and you get access to multiple objects and props just for registering, but to get completely new stuff you have to visit the Market.

Playback Controls

The first step to recording a concert is to click on Record Concert. This opens a window where you can pick any mix you've saved in the Mixing Studio. Once that's done, a time line appears with color bars showing you everything you did while recording your mix. This makes it easier to time your special effects, lighting and camera changes so that they synch with the music. By pressing Pause, you can pause the music at any time to make multiple changes at once. Pushing Stop will reset your video, so don't press it by mistake.

Lights, Cameras and Special Effects

During recording, you can trigger special effects or change the lighting to spice up the video. Just click on one of the special effects icons for background effects, or the lighting icons for lighting effects. You can even change camera views by clicking on the camera icons.

Recording and sharing a Concert

Once you hit the Record button, you are recording your concert. Use special effects, lighting changes and camera changes to make a great concert! When the music comes to an end, see how your concert will appear to the community by pressing Play. You also have the choice to Save and Share your concert. When you share your concert, the entire community will be able to see it and you’ll earn Fame Points every time someone does, so make sure you share your concerts today!